We art timber
No 1 Cnr Lomagundi & Ely Close Green Croft Harare.

Msasa Cabins is made up of seven young men and women who are talented in wood art and designing.The other members are carpenters whilst others have inborn wood-art talents.
Its a professionally run company with customer satisfaction at the core on our mission statement.We are all hard workers and we believe no job is too big for us as we have to date supplied the Government,NGO’s,Farmers,Individuals,Corporates and we have served a number of foreign customers.
Our strengths lies in our teamwork and our designs are unique and well thought of.
We use different types of timber in our products depending on what we want to make.We boast to be one of the sole users of Saligna redwood whose products can last for more than 20years.
At Msasa Cabins satisfaction is guaranteed as we are always ready to serve you.We sell furniture ,Dog Kennels,Guardrooms,Cabin Houses,Septic Toilets,Wooden Offices,Wendy Houses,Picket Fences,Garden Rest,Fitted Kitchens,Doors,Chicken Runs,Gazebos,Treated Poles,Transmission Poles etc.